Group Bookings

School Groups should contact the Booking Officer for rates and arrangements. The following information is not applicable to schools.

Group Bookings are available for bookings of 4 or more rooms, and are subject to the following additional terms. For smaller bookings, or one night stays, please use the online booking engine.

Additional Terms for Group Bookings

  • Minimum 2 night stay (July to September), with all rooms to be booked for the same dates.
  • Based on the information provided, the Booking Officer will provide a quotation (excluding waiting list rooms) with proposed dates. To confirm the booking a single credit/debit card must be provided and the quotation paid in full.
  • Dates will only be held for 48 hours without payment from the time the quotation is sent.
  • Waiting List Rooms are only available from July to September, and are highly unlikely to be available on weekends in August.
  • Waiting List room availability may not be confirmed until the Thursday prior to the booking. If accepted the original credit/debit card provided will be charged for the room.
  • A responsible person from each room must accompany the lodge manager on a briefing tour on arrival at the lodge.
  • Once confirmed, group bookings are not refundable, and dates cannot be changed. Substitutions are allowed if a person in the original booking is unable to attend.
  • Groups are responsible for removing all their rubbish and recycling from the mountain at the end of their stay.

To make a Group Booking, please fill out the following form and email to the Booking Officer.